You and your dog are best friends, and you share a lot together. But did you know you might also share the wide-ranging benefits of cannabidiol (CBD)?
The same properties that make CBD so effective and promising for human health and wellness also make it generally safe and therapeutic for dogs. CBD oil can help treat pain, anxiety and behavior issues, inflammation, nausea, seizures, neurodegenerative disorders, cancer symptoms and other health issues dogs face, especially as they get older. CBD oil can also support the wellness of healthy dogs, promoting strong immune systems, shiny coats, and even better breath — perfect for those heavily slobbery canines!
Choosing the best CBD oil for dogs comes down to more than just cannabidiol content, however. The carrier oil also makes a big difference, which is why there are CBD oils specially formulated for dogs. So to create this list of the best CBD oils for dogs, Weedmaps News didn’t just consult reviews and product testimonials from pet owners, veterinarians, and animal caregivers. We also dug deep into the specifics of each product and how it’s made. The result is a list representing oils tailored to deliver the benefits of hemp and CBD for dogs of all sizes, all backed by positive reviews, passionate testimonials, and veterinary science.